Emerging – Gosford Regional Art Gallery

Flatline has been awarded first prize at Gosford Regional Art Galleries Emerging exhibition and competition. Emerging is a biannual exhibition for artists under 30 years of age offering the opportunity to exhibit in a regional art gallery, work with established curators and win the $3000.00 first prize. The 2015 judge was Susan Thompson, Manager of UNSW Galleries. This year 7 finalists were selected ranging from immersive video installations to painting and performance.

The $3,000 main prize for Emerging is sponsored by the Friends of Gosford Regional Gallery.

Flatline’s performance, titled imprint, was choreographed by Carl Sciberras and performed by Annabel Saeis in a series of unique dance shoes crafted by visual artist Todd Fuller. The shoes were constructed by melting down thousands of crayons before cobbling together new footwear through dipping and casting methods. “The dancer then repeats a piece of choreography across a giant canvas floor. She oscillates between the logic and movements of both dance and drawing while the footwear draws and malfunctions beneath her feet” explains Sciberras. “Each different shoe offers a different type of line and also affects the dancers entire body and attitude”.

Flatline has been in operation for 5 years and aims to carve a niche between art and dance. “At the core of this piece is a technical foundation in drawing, but it is expressed through dance. On the other hand the piece uses drawing to map the body in motion” adds Fuller. “It was an exciting piece to build, discussing drawing with a dancer and seeing how her dance sensibilities affect the drawing she makes…through her feet! Every time we perform it, it grows and changes.” The work was originally exhibited at Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.

An installation remains in the gallery including the deteriorated shoes and the drawing they created as well as a film and animation created by Flatline while at Bundanon Trust in 2014.

The exhibition runs from 18 July to September 6 in the main gallery.

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