Drawn Duet: Lines of Contact – Parramatta Lanes 2014

…A dancer waits discretely in an expanse of projected light. A line creeps down the wall tracing the architecture of the space in neon. The line explores the urbanscape tracing the laneway, it bends around the corners and crevices of the space. A thick undulating sound bellows out of the area, calling passers-by. The line then unearths a figure.

With the movement of the figure, the neon strokes begin to oscillate, generating swirling and quivering shapes that spin and move along walls. The density and intensity of the projected shapes escalate as the movement of the dancer becomes more vigorous. The sound grows thicker and all three elements gradually intensify to a point which appears both still and solid. Without warning, it begins to disintegrate, fading into silence.


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